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Despite nationwide Girl Scout financial woes, Utah doing OK

07/05/2013 8:05am
Recent reports show major financial trouble for the Girl Scouts of America but local leaders say they aren't seeing any of the problems that seem to be plaguing other councils across the country.

Kids find 20,000-year-old molar in river

07/05/2013 10:12am
Four kids, ages 10 to 12, were exploring a river in Iowa when they stumbled upon a well-preserved mastodon tooth that is estimated to be 20,000 years old.

Man drowns before fireworks show in Idaho Falls

07/05/2013 10:26am
A holiday celebration was delayed about an hour while crews searched for the body of a man who drowned in the Snake River Thursday night.

Lawsuit filed over boy's falling tombstone death

07/05/2013 10:49am
The parents of a Lehi boy who was killed after a tombstone fell on him last year are suing the cemetery's association.

Lake Powell sandstone absorbing huge amounts of water

07/05/2013 11:21am
A new study says the Lake Powell's porous sandstone banks absorb 380,000 acre-feet of water annually from Lake Powell - as much as Nevada's entire allocation from the Colorado River.

Man recovers from being shot Thursday

07/05/2013 11:29am
A man is recovering in the Ogden Regional Medical Center today after being shot late Thursday night.

Ex-Tiffany exec accused of stealing more than $1.3 million in jewelry

07/05/2013 11:29am
A former executive with Tiffany & Co. stole diamonds and other jewelry from the company's Manhattan headquarters and resold it for more than $1.3 million, U.S. authorities said Tuesday.

Self-destructing emails coming to an inbox near you

07/05/2013 11:36am
Sending sensitive information via email can be nerve wracking; what might be personal or secret information can be stored indefinitely and forwarded without the sender's control. But what if you could tell them when to self- destruct?

Would you eat soup made from petrified bird saliva?

07/05/2013 11:42am
The Edible-nest swiftets build their nest enitrely from their own saliva. That's kind of weird. What's even stranger than that is that people then boil those nests into soup.

Crews optimistic about Black Mountain Fire containment

07/05/2013 12:32pm
A southern Utah wildfire has grown to 7 square miles, but crews hope to have it at least half contained by day's end.

Man fires shotgun into West Valley home; 1 injured

07/05/2013 12:40pm
One man was injured Thursday when someone fired a shotgun into a home in West Valley City.

Officers attacked by 3 dogs while waking unresponsive woman at McDonald's

07/05/2013 1:00pm
Salt Lake Police Department officers were attacked by three dogs Thursday night and officers were forced to use pepper spray and a baton on the animals to protect themselves.

Man found dead in burning home identified

07/05/2013 1:03pm
Police have identified the body of a man found dead inside a burning home last week, but the circumstances of his death are still being treated as suspicious, Willard Police Chief Nate Thompson said.

5 'guy movies' a woman would enjoy

07/05/2013 1:55pm
Just like chick flicks pander towards women, there are stereotypical movies that are targeted towards the male audience. Here is a list of 5 "guy movies" that women will also find enjoyable.

Interactive website shows data on race and poverty in Utah

07/05/2013 3:20pm
The Urban Institute, a think tank and research organization, has produced an interactive website that combines mountains of data on poverty, race and geography in an easy-to-use infographic. "Poverty and Race in America, Then and Now" shows the changing makeup of Utah's poor over the last three decades, breaking the numbers down by race and location.

Jazz acquire 3 players and draft picks from Warriors

07/05/2013 3:49pm
The Jazz will acquire Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrens and Brandon Rush along with multiple draft picks according to reports.

Missing Iowa man last heard from in SLC

07/05/2013 4:03pm
A 20-year-old central Iowa man has been reported missing while on a hitchhiking and train-hopping trip across the country.

11-year-old injured in Utah Lake boating accident

07/05/2013 5:11pm
An 11-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital Friday with serious injuries after a boating accident on Utah Lake.

Utah man critically injured after Ariz. fireworks malfunction

07/05/2013 5:27pm
Authorities say a pyrotechnician from Utah suffered severe head trauma and burns after fireworks malfunctioned during a display in northwestern Arizona.

Little Cottonwood Canyon reopens following rockslides

07/05/2013 5:35pm
The road through Little Cottonwood Canyon appeared to be in relatively good shape Friday night after reopening following rockslides and mudslides that closed it Friday morning.

With children in car, mother cited for 4th DUI

07/05/2013 6:17pm
Police say A 27-year-old mother already has three arrests for driving under the influence on her record, and could now face a fourth.

How my daughter recovered from real-world bullies

07/05/2013 7:32pm
Annie still worries about what she would do if confronted by a bully — even though several years have passed — so much that the thought keeps her at home much of the time

Utah vet flown to see WWII memorial via 'Honor Flight'

07/05/2013 8:11pm
The Honor Flight Network, an Ohio-based nonprofit organization, foots the bill for veterans from America's wars to visit their respective memorials in the nation's capital. The group's current focus is on veterans who fought in World War II.

4 interactive art installations to visit in Salt Lake

07/05/2013 8:32pm
Throughout Utah, public spaces have been enhanced by art installations. These pieces get dirty from the grime in the air, touched by the hands that pass, and, in some cases, sat upon or leaned against by someone who needs to take a rest.

Firework sales bounce back after last year's slump

07/05/2013 8:58pm
Each summer, fireworks season gives a much- needed boost to Utah's economy. Last summer, the tremendous wildfires snuffed out the mood and the profits of those small business owners. But a year makes a big difference.

Temporary museum features rare historical items

07/05/2013 9:36pm
Utahns have a chance this weekend to see hundreds of rare, historic artifacts including President Lincoln's desk, and letters from America's founding fathers.

Boaters on Utah Lake rescued during severe thunderstorm watch

07/05/2013 9:47pm
A severe thunderstorm watch was in place for northern Utah Friday evening as much of the Wasatch Front was expected to see high winds and rain.

2 officers awarded for saving man's life during confrontation

07/05/2013 10:07pm
Two Price police officers were called to a residence and the situation quickly escalated. As a man ran to his garage and grabbed a shotgun, the police were able to save his life before he pulled the trigger.

Intermountain doctors develop 3-D mapping to treat heart conditions

07/05/2013 10:15pm
Doctors at Intermountain Medical Center have developed a way to make 3-D images of the actual electrical waves or patterns that drive the human heart.

Paul Millsap signs with Atlanta

07/05/2013 11:58pm
Paul Millsap is no longer a member of the Utah Jazz. Millsap will sign a deal with the Atlanta Hawks — ending his seven-year career in a Jazz uniform.