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Tips for curbing the cost of raising a child

05/15/2013 7:38am
While expectant parents are aware they need to prepare for the additional expense of a new child, some financial counselors say many parents are going about it all wrong.

Utahns make extra money $5 at a time

05/15/2013 8:05am
What would you do for $5? Everyone has some skill, talent or expertise that's worth something to someone else. That's the premise behind a website that allows you to supplement your income, $5 at a time.

Rich moms allegedly renting disabled people to skip lines at Disney World

05/15/2013 10:48am
Some wealthy mothers are allegedly paying people with disabilities to pose as family members, allowing them to gain quick access to rides at Disney World.

Nun, 83, convicted of defacing nuclear plant

05/15/2013 11:39am
An 83-year-old "activist nun" was convicted of breaking into a nuclear facility and defacing a uranium processing plant in Tennessee. She could face up to 20 years in prison.

Scientist accidentally discovers gold extraction method using cornstarch

05/15/2013 11:46am
Gold may be beautiful, elegant, and extremely valuable, but the process for extracting it is nasty, poisonous, expensive and inefficient.

5 shortcuts that will make your life easier

05/15/2013 11:48am
Out of all the online services available today, here are some of our favorites to save you time and make things easier.

Bikes, motorcycles can turn left on red light under new law

05/15/2013 12:10pm
A law that would allow motorcycles and bicycles to turn left on a red light went into effect Wednesday.

The Dodgers win again with fans; Crime doesn't pay, again

05/15/2013 12:58pm
The Dodgers get another viral video that wins off the field, crime doesn't pay in the NFL and an arm wrestler that will scream her way into your nightmares.

Former BYU students create smelling salts for energy

05/15/2013 1:54pm
A group of former BYU students are hoping to break into the instant energy business with a new take on smelling salts.

Why you should watch 'The Wrath of Khan' again before 'Star Trek Into Darkness

05/15/2013 2:01pm
With "Star Trek Into Darkness" being released on Friday, we wanted to dedicate this week's throwback article to the Trekkies. A review of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."

Children of sex abuse convict recant testimony

05/15/2013 5:52pm
After serving a 15-year prison sentence, a father convicted of abusing his children sexually has had his name cleared after his children recant their testimony.

40 starving horses seized to be put on auction

05/15/2013 6:07pm
A Utah judge has ordered a public auction to sell off 40 horses seized from a woman and her son in an animal cruelty case at a ranch in Spanish Fork.

Mitt Romney building new home in Utah

05/15/2013 6:13pm
Mitt Romney is building a new home in Utah near his son Josh Romney in Holladay.

Hurricane man creates statewide bike ride in honor of organ donation

05/15/2013 7:03pm
A Midvale family who lost a daughter to a failed organ transplant is being honored by a Hurricane man doing a bike ride across the state.

3 girls struck by texting driver recover from injuries

05/15/2013 7:07pm
As the three girls hit by a car in Midvale Tuesday afternoon were recovering Wednesday, others were discussing distracting driving and measures to prevent it.

2 Twitter accounts target gay, minority students at Lone Peak High

05/15/2013 8:07pm
Two anonymous Twitter accounts appear to target gay and minority students at Lone Peak High School, and the mother of one of the targeted students is speaking out against cyberbullying.

Clinic's reading room making a big difference for low-income kids

05/15/2013 8:14pm
At the South Main Clinic in Salt Lake City, low-income, at-risk families can get medical care. But a partnership with Salt Lake County Library System also puts books in the hands of the kids who need them most.

Viral video sticks it to Abercrombie & Fitch

05/15/2013 8:33pm
New backlash against Abercrombie & Fitch and its "exclusionary" CEO comes in the form of a viral video that asks viewers to make A&F the "No. 1 brand of homeless apparel" by donating the clothing to the homeless.

Legislature proposes amendment to have A.G. appointed, not elected

05/15/2013 8:59pm
Allegations against John Swallow have prompted a response from the Utah Legislature in proposing a bill to amend the Utah Constitution to have the attorney general appointed rather than elected.

Duchesne County ordinance allows oil, gas wells within 300 feet of homes

05/15/2013 9:42pm
Three hundred feet. That's how close an oil or natural gas well can be drilled to a home or public building in Duchesne County under an ordinance passed this week by the county commission.

Utah brothers open 2 'FlyBoard' rental stores

05/15/2013 10:08pm
Two local entrepreneurs have brought the water-propelled Flyboard to Utah and said the unusual sport has been met with a lot of enthusiasm.

Former Park City police officer facing embezzlement charges

05/15/2013 10:09pm
A former Park City police officer and member of the Fraternal Order of Police was charged Wednesday in three separate cases accusing him of embezzling money.

Teen falls 60 feet near Kanarraville Falls

05/15/2013 10:23pm
Search and rescue teams rescued a teenage boy who fell 60 feet near Kanarraville Falls Wednesday.

Biker being questioned after fleeing from park ranger, ditching gun

05/15/2013 10:27pm
A man who fled from park rangers in Farmington Canyon Wednesday afternoon was taken into custody after police say he called from a cell phone and turned himself in.

Childhood neighbors battling brain tumors a sign of bigger problem?

05/15/2013 10:32pm
As children they played together, growing up in the same Sandy neighborhood. Now three women, all in their early 30s, are fighting the same deadly brain tumor.

Logan hospital tech pleads guilty in sexual assault case

05/15/2013 11:00pm
A former emergency room technician has admitted sexually assaulting a man who was unconscious at a hospital.

Gas leak forces evacuation of 10 businesses

05/15/2013 11:34pm
A natural gas leak forced the evacuation of 10 businesses near 1850 Fort Union Blvd. Fortunately, Questar crews were able to take care of the problem pretty quickly.

Police call off Ore. search for Susan Powell's remains

05/15/2013 11:59pm
A search of a farm in Salem, Ore., for the remains of missing West Valley City mother Susan Cox Powell appears to have turned up nothing.

Woman killed in Magna car crash

05/15/2013 11:59pm
A 60-year-old woman is dead after the vehicle she was riding in ran a red light and hit another driver, police said.

Police use tear gas to capture barricaded fugitive

05/15/2013 11:59pm
A three-hour standoff ended in the arrest of a man accused of breaking into a Salt Lake City apartment and threatening the couple inside.