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Anti-discrimination office slams German gun club

08/05/2014 6:50am
Germany's top anti-discrimination official is adding her voice to growing protests over a regional shooting association's demand that an expert marksman give up his championship title because he is a Muslim.

Pope speaks in German to 50,000 Catholic kids

08/05/2014 12:01pm
Pope Francis brushed off his German on Tuesday to greet some 50,000 German-speaking young people on a pilgrimage to Rome.

Saddam Hussein's tomb damaged in fighting

08/05/2014 12:12pm
The tomb of Iraq's deceased dictator Saddam Hussein was damaged in clashes between militants from the Islamic State radical group and government soldiers in his hometown, according to local officials Tuesday.

UN condemns persecution of Iraq's minorities

08/05/2014 7:10pm
The U.N. Security Council warned Tuesday that the Islamic State extremist group may be held accountable for crimes against humanity for its systematic persecution of minorities in Iraq.