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Toppled crosses in China spur defiance

07/25/2014 2:50am
The battle started when a government-hired crew tore down the metal cross atop the one-room church in this village surrounded by rice paddies last month.

Iraqi cleric urges leaders not to 'cling' to power

07/25/2014 9:11am
Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric made a thinly veiled appeal to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to step down, calling upon political leaders Friday not to "cling" to their posts at the expense of political stability as lawmakers struggle to form a new government that can tackle rising violence in the country.

Lunch special: Pope lines up for self-serve meal

07/25/2014 9:20am
Do you make the pope pay for lunch?

Bible redesign raises more than $1M on Kickstarter

07/25/2014 11:59am
Adam Lewis Green said he was motivated by a desire to make reading the Bible a literary experience, without additions like verse numbers and notes.

Archdiocese: No confirmation of Philly papal visit

07/25/2014 12:41pm
Whether Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia during a major gathering of the world's Roman Catholics remained a matter of speculation Friday after the archdiocese said a report he would attend should not be considered confirmation.

Nigeria arrests 1 connected to Kaduna bombings

07/25/2014 1:51pm
Nigerian security forces are holding one man connected to the Wednesday double bombings in the northern city of Kaduna that targeted a former head of state and a prominent moderate Muslim cleric and killed at least 44 bystanders, according to a defense ministry statement on Friday.

AP ANALYSIS: Old story, new twists in Gaza war

07/25/2014 3:01pm
The third Gaza war is playing out much like the first one more than five years ago: The harrowing civilian toll in Gaza is now at the center of the discourse, eclipsing the rocket attacks by Hamas militants that were the stated reason for the Israeli assault.

FIBA to review 'discriminatory' ban on headgear

07/25/2014 3:03pm
Facing claims that Muslim and Sikh players are being discriminated against, basketball's governing body will review its ban which prevents players wearing headgear for religious reasons.

Priest in Guam removed over LA allegations

07/25/2014 6:10pm
A Roman Catholic priest has been removed from his post in Guam over allegations that he molested two boys four decades ago while serving in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, church officials said Friday.