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US hails Indonesia democracy in turbulent SE Asia

07/24/2014 1:11am
President Barack Obama's quick congratulation for Indonesia's election victor Joko Widodo, even as the losing candidate rejected the result, underscores Washington's intent to deepen ties with Jakarta and support democracy in Southeast Asia.

In Gaza war, Egypt taking hard line over border

07/24/2014 4:01pm
In the Gaza war now in its third bloody week, Hamas' battle isn't only with Israel, even though that's the country it is firing rockets at. The militant group that rules Gaza is demanding Egypt open its border with the tiny, blockaded strip of territory.

One on One: Leader of largest multi-denominational seminary

07/24/2014 10:11pm
Dave McCann goes one on one with the man who is leading the world's largest multi- denominational seminary, where his staff teaches future preachers and pastors how to meet the challenges of their day.