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Pope schedules back-to-back trips to Naples area

07/17/2014 9:40am
Pope Francis is planning rare back-to-back trips to the city of Caserta near Naples, one official and one private.

Teens recall surviving plunge over Powell-area dam

07/17/2014 9:50am
Four girls who went over Mormon Dam while tubing on the Shoshone River recently are beat up and still experiencing pain from their injuries.

Iranian commanders on front line of Iraq's fight

07/17/2014 12:21pm
A powerful Iranian general has emerged as the chief tactician in Iraq's fight against Sunni militants, working on the front lines alongside 120 advisers from his country's Revolutionary Guard to direct Shiite militiamen and government forces in the smallest details of battle, militia commanders and government officials say.

Man pleads not guilty in priest's shooting death

07/17/2014 2:24pm
A homeless ex-convict has pleaded not guilty to charges that he beat a Catholic priest with a metal rod and fatally shot another clergyman during a burglary at a Phoenix church.

Hundreds rally for Israel outside White House

07/17/2014 8:00pm
Hundreds of supporters of Israel have declared their support for the Jewish state in a rally outside the White House.

Pope demands justice for Argentina terror attack

07/17/2014 8:24pm
Pope Francis is demanding justice for the victims of Argentina's worst terrorist attack, using what is increasingly becoming his signature way of communicating: an amateur smartphone video message, recorded on the fly by a visiting friend in the comfort of Francis' Vatican hotel room.