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Iraq's capital lives in fear, expects the worst

06/23/2014 12:40am
"Allah, please make our army victorious," rang out the despairing voice of a worshipper making his way through a crowd to reach the ornate enclosure of the Baghdad tomb of a revered Shiite imam. Others in the crystal and marble mosque somberly read from the Quran or tearfully recited supplications.

Kerry confronts threat of new war in Iraq

06/23/2014 1:02am
Confronting the threat of civil war in Iraq, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Baghdad on Monday to personally urge the Shiite-led government to give more power to political opponents before a Sunni insurgency seizes more control across the country and sweeps away hopes for lasting peace.

Australia PM tells Egypt that reporter is innocent

06/23/2014 4:20am
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Monday that he told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi that a jailed Australian journalist is innocent of charges that he supported the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

Vatican team goes on tour; plays Anglicans, royals

06/23/2014 7:11am
The Vatican's new cricket team is going on tour, playing an Anglican squad at the Kent County Cricket Club and the royal household's team at Windsor.

Sudan court orders release of woman sentenced to death over Christian faith

06/23/2014 7:50am
Sudan court orders release of woman sentenced to death over Christian faith.

Kerry seems upbeat after meeting with al-Maliki

06/23/2014 8:21am
Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Iraq's top Shiite leaders to give more power to political opponents.

Southern US cleric named new Anglican archbishop

06/23/2014 9:21am
A Southern cleric has been picked as the new archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America.

Malaysia court upholds 'Allah' ban for non-Muslims

06/23/2014 9:31am
Malaysia's top court weighed in Monday on the country's longstanding fight over the word "Allah," saying non-Muslims cannot use it to refer to God. But the government said hours later the judgment applied only to one newspaper at the center of the case, adding still more confusion to a deeply divisive debate over religious freedom in the Muslim-majority country.

White House condemns Egypt sentencing reporters

06/23/2014 11:31am
The White House is strongly condemning Egypt's prosecution and sentencing of three Al-Jazeera journalists to seven years in prison on claims that they supported the Muslim Brotherhood opposition to Cairo's new government. The White House called for their release.

Iraq at risk again: How did we get here so fast?

06/23/2014 11:41am
It's crumbling so quickly: Just 2½ years after American troops came home, Iraq is back in crisis.

Cricket pitch to strengthen Vatican-Anglican ties

06/23/2014 12:51pm
The pope and queen of England are squaring off on the cricket pitch — sort of.

Nuns willing to care for priest who killed nun

06/23/2014 1:31pm
A Roman Catholic priest convicted of killing a nun at a hospital chapel in 1980 wants a federal judge to let him out of prison so he can spend his final days at an Ohio nursing home run by nuns.

Media exaggerated horror tale at Irish orphanage

06/23/2014 3:11pm
Revelations this month that nuns had buried nearly 800 infants and young children in unmarked graves at an Irish orphanage during the last century caused stark headlines and stirred strong emotions and calls for investigation. Since then, however, a more sober picture has emerged that exposes how many of those headlines were wrong.

Here is the latest Utah news from The Associated Press

06/23/2014 4:01pm
The Mormon church has excommunicated the prominent founder of a Mormon women's group. The group, Ordain Women, announced this afternoon that Kate Kelly's former church leaders in Virginia notified her of the decision. Mormon officials aren't discussing Kelly's case.

Kerry hands dire warning to Iraqis over future

06/23/2014 4:51pm
Warning of the "existential threat" posed by Sunni militants, Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday the U.S. is prepared to take military action even if Baghdad delays political reforms, noting that the risks of letting the insurgency run rampant threaten dangers beyond Iraq's borders.

LDS leader urges kindness toward those who may differ

06/23/2014 5:26pm
In a video posted on her Facebook page Monday, Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women general president of the LDS Church issued a call for kindness and compassion toward those who may struggle or differ in opinion.

Mormon church excommunicates women's group founder

06/23/2014 6:00pm
The Mormon church excommunicated the founder of a prominent women's group Monday, a rare move that brings down the harshest punishment available on an adherent who created an organization and staged demonstrations in a push for women to join the faith's priesthood.