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Judge hears Catholic groups on abortion challenge

05/07/2014 5:10am
A federal judge in Casper is set to hear from Roman Catholic organizations trying to block the birth-control requirement in the federal health care overhaul law.

Norway shuns Dalai Lama, hoping to mend China ties

05/07/2014 8:10am
Norway's decision to ignore the Dalai Lama's visit to Oslo this week to avoid upsetting China has drawn criticism in a country that considers itself a beacon of human rights in the world.

US Latinos less Catholic, more polarized on faith

05/07/2014 8:11am
A new study finds more U.S. Latinos are leaving the Roman Catholic Church.

US Latinos less Catholic, more polarized on faith

05/07/2014 10:11am
Latinos in the United States are abandoning the Roman Catholicism of their childhood in increasing numbers to become evangelical Protestants or leave organized religion altogether, according to a new survey released Wednesday.

Nun teaches children meditation techniques

05/07/2014 12:50pm
Sister Sylvia Leonardi's young students sit comfortably on the carpeted library floor at St. Joseph Catholic Academy. Some recline, stretching out their limbs.

Montana AG enters Jesus statue dispute

05/07/2014 2:41pm
Montana's attorney general said Wednesday that he supports keeping a 6-foot-tall statue of Jesus next to a Whitefish ski hill as a group of atheists and agnostics seek to remove it from U.S. Forest Service land.

Presidential checklist: preparations in motion

05/07/2014 3:22pm
In the latest prep work for a presidential campaign, Rand Paul is conspicuously courting moderate and establishment Republicans while Ted Cruz keeps up a travel schedule that has 2016 written all over it.

LGBT group won't appear in Days of '47 Parade

05/07/2014 3:31pm
Organizers of Utah's biggest parade have turned down a float proposal from a Mormon faith-related LGBT group, citing too much potential for controversy.

Appeals panel denies Notre Dame new suit hearing

05/07/2014 3:41pm
An appeals court has denied the University of Notre Dame's request for a new hearing in its lawsuit challenging part of the federal health care law that forces it to cover contraceptives in its health insurance for students and employees.

Atheist group renews suit on Rankin school prayer

05/07/2014 4:10pm
A student supported by an atheist group says the Rankin County school district is still violating a ban on school prayer.

Egyptian cleric denies terror support at NY trial

05/07/2014 4:50pm
An Egyptian cleric known for incendiary rhetoric at a London mosque denied supporting terrorism in testimony Wednesday at his Manhattan trial, saying he would give up freedom if the price was his dignity and beliefs.

US Christians pledge solidarity with endangered Mideast Christians

05/07/2014 5:01pm
More than 175 American Christian leaders have signed a "Pledge of Solidarity & Call to Action" expressing their concern and support for embattled Christians in Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

Bible curriculum part of Green evangelization push

05/07/2014 5:10pm
Steve Green's faith led him to the U.S. Supreme Court, where he's argued the nation's new health care law and its requirement that his business provide certain types of birth control to employees violates his religious freedoms.

Catholics challenge birth control rule in Wyoming

05/07/2014 5:20pm
Roman Catholic organizations in Wyoming told a federal judge Wednesday that they don't want to have anything to do with helping their employees access health insurance that includes contraception and abortion services.