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Pope John XXIII launched Vatican II and then some

04/23/2014 12:40am
On the night of Oct. 11, 1962, Pope John XXIII did something so natural that it's astonishing it was so revolutionary at the time. He came to the window of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace and spoke to thousands of candle-bearing faithful below — not in the arcane, scripted words of pontiffs past but in those of a father and pastor looking out for his flock.

AP PHOTOS: Entering the monkhood a rite of passage

04/23/2014 1:10am
With golden umbrellas covering them from the equatorial sun, boys in princely attire are hoisted onto the shoulders of their fathers and uncles, part of a ritual carried out this time every year at Buddhist pagodas all over Myanmar: young would-be-novices preparing to enter the monkhood.

In India's vote, Hindu holy city is battleground

04/23/2014 4:52am
For tens of millions of Hindus, Varanasi is a place of pilgrimage. Crowded with ancient temples and shrines, its streets jammed with believers and tourists, this city on the banks of the holy Ganges River is where the devout believe they attain instant salvation.

Ohio marchers protest Catholic teacher contract

04/23/2014 5:10am
Demonstrators gathered in Cincinnati's Fountain Square to protest new language in contracts for teachers in southwest Ohio Roman Catholic schools that place more restrictions on personal behavior.

Sri Lanka to deport UK tourist with Buddha tattoo

04/23/2014 8:30am
Sri Lankan authorities will deport a British tourist for having an image of Buddha tattooed on her arm, an official said Wednesday.

Bahrain moves to deport Shiite cleric

04/23/2014 12:01pm
Bahrain's Interior Ministry said Wednesday that the Gulf state has decided to deport a leading Shiite cleric born in the country in a move likely to exacerbate tensions between the government and the Shiite-led opposition.

Gun carry rights expanded in Ga. under new law

04/23/2014 4:31pm
Criticized by one group as the "guns everywhere" bill, Georgia took a big step Wednesday toward expanding where licensed carriers can take their weapons, with the governor signing a law that allows them in bars without restriction and in some churches, schools and government buildings under certain circumstances.

Rare Mormon coins go up for auction

04/23/2014 9:21pm
Some very rare coins are up for auction, and you may be surprised at how much people will pay for them. One of the rare Mormon gold coins could fetch as much as $1 million.