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President Obama holds historic first meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican

03/27/2014 3:30am
President Obama holds historic first meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Obama tells Pope Francis he is a 'great admirer' as they hold historic, hourlong first meeting

03/27/2014 6:20am
President Barack Obama calls himself a "great admirer" of Pope Francis.

Teacher waives hearing on child porn charges

03/27/2014 10:11am
A high school religion teacher has been ordered to stand trial on child pornography charges in Marathon County.

Church official: Pope's trip to Israel in doubt

03/27/2014 10:21am
A top Roman Catholic official in the Holy Land said Thursday that a trip to Israel by Pope Francis in late May is now in doubt because of a strike by Israeli diplomats, even as the Vatican said travel preparations were going ahead.

Buddhist mobs attack aid workers' homes in Myanmar

03/27/2014 10:41am
Buddhist-led mobs tore through streets hurling stones at the offices and residences of international aid workers in Myanmar's western Rakhine state Thursday, prompting the evacuation of almost all non-essential staff, residents and officials said. Some were flown out, others placed under protection at a police guest house.

1 church diocese sues another over accused priest

03/27/2014 12:21pm
In a rare legal move, a Roman Catholic diocese in Minnesota is suing a diocese in Ireland, alleging it transferred a priest to Minnesota without warning that the man had been accused of sexual abuse.

Obama, Pope Francis meet for first time

03/27/2014 1:32pm
President Barack Obama gave Pope Francis a box of seeds as a gift, a fitting token as their first-ever meeting provided a fresh start of sorts between the administration and Catholic leadership after years of strained relations.

5 Old Testament stories that would make a great movie

03/27/2014 2:02pm
As Hollywood continues to make money on familiar, faith-based stories, we have a few suggestions for their next adaptation. Here are five Old Testament accounts that could make, or in some cases remake, a great cinematic experience.

In Egypt's political vacuum, el-Sissi looms large

03/27/2014 2:11pm
Former military chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, if he wins Egypt's presidency as is widely expected, will have an overwhelming presence over a shattered political scene. Egypt's once dominant political force, the Muslim Brotherhood, is crushed under a relentless crackdown. Non-Islamist parties are weak and largely acquiescent to his power.

WHITE HOUSE NOTEBOOK: Obama meets Your Holiness

03/27/2014 3:11pm
The exchange of gifts is a de rigueur part of every papal audience but Thursday's presentation had an unusually loud element to it. A metal support holding up the top of President Barack Obama's gift — a chest of seeds from the White House garden — twice crashed onto the marble floor of the pope's library as reporters and photographers rushed to get into position to record the moment for posterity.

Obama, Francis find common ground _ and divisions

03/27/2014 4:31pm
Face to face for the first time, President Barack Obama and Pope Francis focused publicly on their mutual respect and shared concern for the poor on Thursday. But their lengthy private discussion also highlighted the deep differences between the White House and the Catholic Church on abortion and birth control.