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French elections: step 1 in new far right march

03/21/2014 1:50am
Marine Le Pen sees political gold in the abandoned coal mines of northern France that once pumped life, jobs and an identity into places like Henin-Beaumont — a bleak town that the far-right leader says is the avant-garde of her anti-immigration party's march to power.

Phelps' hate seen by some as aiding gay rights

03/21/2014 8:21am
Fred Phelps Sr. led his small Topeka church for more than two decades in a bellicose crusade against gays and lesbians, saying they were worthy of death and openly declaring — often at military funerals — that the U.S. was doomed because of its tolerance of homosexuality.

Pope gets unusual gift during Maltese audience

03/21/2014 11:31am
Like his papal predecessors, Pope Francis receives all kinds of official gifts from visiting dignitaries: plaques, religious icons and limited-edition books.

Muslim group to appeal ruling on police spying

03/21/2014 11:52am
A group of Muslims from New Jersey is appealing a federal judge's ruling that determined that New York City Police Department's surveillance of Muslims did not violate their civil rights.

Jury sides with family in polygamist sect lawsuit

03/21/2014 12:41pm
An Arizona jury on Thursday agreed that a polygamous sect on the Utah-Arizona border discriminated against a family that doesn't belong to the church and awarded them $5.2 million.

Pope warns mobsters they risk going to hell

03/21/2014 1:31pm
Pope Francis has a warning for Italy's mobsters: They will go to hell if they don't repent and renounce their "blood-stained money and blood-stained power."

Judge awards another $525M to Tony Alamo victims

03/21/2014 2:01pm
An Arkansas judge has awarded seven women physically and sexually abused by evangelist Tony Alamo another $525 million, pushing the total owed by the imprisoned preacher and an affiliated church to more than $1 billion.

'Noah,' revival of Bible epics, finds rough seas

03/21/2014 4:21pm
In the beginning of their work together on "Noah," director Darren Aronofsky made Russell Crowe a promise: "I'll never shoot you on a houseboat in a robe and sandals with two giraffes popping up behind you."

Jesus' "Crown of Thorns" shown at Notre Dame

03/21/2014 4:51pm
An ancient relic that many Christians revere as Jesus Christ's "Crown of Thorns" has made a special public appearance at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.