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Baseball star Rivera rescues, renovates NY church

03/06/2014 12:11am
Being retired hasn't stopped Mariano Rivera from picking up one more save.

Brunei sultan urges country to support Islamic law

03/06/2014 3:50am
Brunei's ruling sultan has urged his people to support the implementation next month of a form of Islamic Shariah law that includes harsh penalties, and says foreign countries should respect the country's decision.

Pope reveals he took his late confessor's cross

03/06/2014 5:20am
Pope Francis has confessed that he took the cross of his late confessor's rosary from his casket and he wears it to this day in a fabric pouch under his cassock, hoping to have half as much mercy as the priest.

Indonesian Muslim clerics back wildlife protection

03/06/2014 7:20am
Indonesia's highest Islamic body has issued a religious edict declaring that the hunting and trading of endangered species are immoral, an official said Thursday.

Dalai Lama opens Senate session with prayer

03/06/2014 8:00am
The Dalai Lama has opened the Senate with prayer.

Defrocked Puerto Rico priest charged

03/06/2014 2:01pm
A defrocked priest in Puerto Rico has been charged with lewd acts in a case that prosecutors say involved a 13-year-old altar boy.

A look at actors who have played Jesus in movies

03/06/2014 3:11pm
Casting Jesus for the silver screen has always been tricky. Directors must balance the actor's ability to project a sense of both divinity and humanity. They also need to sell tickets, and thus have often cast handsome, leading-man types.

Gay hiring fears hurt Baptist agency fundraising

03/06/2014 3:21pm
Uncertainty over a short-lived proposal to open employment to gays at Kentucky's largest private child care agency prompted many of its supportive churches to withhold giving last year, causing a multi-million dollar shortfall.

Gay vice principal to sue Wash. Catholic school

03/06/2014 5:01pm
Gay Vice-Principal Mark Zmuda, who was forced out of his job at Eastside Catholic High School, says he plans to file a lawsuit against the school and the Seattle Archdiocese on Friday.

Lesbian couples sue for equality at Panhandle gym

03/06/2014 7:31pm
She didn't walk in looking for a fight. But after inquiring about membership at Amarillo Town Club on Valentine's Day, Katie Roberts and a growing number of supporters have publicly joined the national debate pitting religious freedom against rights for same-sex couples.