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Tiny robotic arm could operate on babies in the womb

06/19/2014 8:33am
Some birth defects in newborns could one day be a thing of the past due to new robotics technologies being developed to perform surgery on babies in the womb.

Depression a 'powerful' risk factor for heart disease in young women

06/19/2014 11:33am
Young women are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or die of heart disease if they suffer from depression, a new study suggests.

Is bedtime procrastination ruining your health? New research says yes

06/19/2014 12:12pm
Scientists are finally studying why people stay up so late watching TV or perusing Facebook instead of going to bed. This phenomenon is dubbed "bedtime procrastination" and can be harmful to your health.

Radio-equipped rattlesnakes provide data on 'a beautiful animal'

06/19/2014 10:23pm
For five years, a science partnership between BYU and the National Park Service has been collecting data on the behavior and travels of rattlesnakes. Researchers say the snakes often get a bad rap and that people ought to appreciate them more.

New push to get girls into computer sciences

06/19/2014 10:37pm
Diana Navarro loves to code, and she's not afraid to admit it. But the 18-year-old Rutgers University computer science major knows she's an anomaly: Writing software to run computer programs in 2014 is — more than ever — a man's world.