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New fashion trends limit technology use

05/15/2014 11:49am
Clothes that render your phone useless, and a pair of sunglasses that make the world look like it's been Instagram filtered — inventors are finding ways to make sure we get the benefits of a gadgetless existence.

South Jordan woman fights cancer with new alternatives

05/15/2014 7:53pm
A South Jordan woman is hoping to defeat cancer in nontraditional ways, including a focus on nutrition and pain relief using a newly FDA- approved procedure.

Museum of Natural Curiosity now open

05/15/2014 8:22pm
Kids have a new place to learn science, arts and culture through 400 interactive activities. The new Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point opened its doors Thursday.

New bike sensors trigger traffic lights in So. Utah

05/15/2014 9:39pm
New bicycle symbols and radar sensors were installed on roads in Southern Utah by UDOT to let bicyclists trigger traffic signals.