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Michigan man among 1st in US to receive bionic eye

04/24/2014 8:03am
A degenerative eye disease slowly robbed Roger Pontz of his vision.

Machine makes drinking water from thin air

04/24/2014 10:40am
An Israeli company thinks it can play a part in alleviating the worldwide water crisis by producing drinking water from thin air.

Users time travel with Google Street View

04/24/2014 11:45am
Google announced Wednesday that a new feature on Google Street View will allow users to scroll through archived images so they can see how an area has developed over the years.

The end of chemo: Safer ways to fight cancer

04/24/2014 7:31pm
When 14-year-old Nick Wilkins' leukemia resisted chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant, his doctors turned to the real pros: Nick's own immune cells.

No-scar surgery: Less pain, shorter recovery

04/24/2014 7:48pm
Three things have plagued surgeons for centuries, he explains: bleeding, pain and infection. But minimally invasive techniques are reducing these threats, and endoscopic procedures are expected to evolve until nearly all surgeries are done without a scalpel.