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Scientists try 3-D printer to build human heart

04/11/2014 8:18am
It may sound far-fetched, but scientists are attempting to build a human heart with a 3-D printer.

'Blood moon' will be a sight to behold during total lunar eclipse

04/11/2014 9:29am
Get ready for an unusually beautiful moon to grace the night skies next week. There will be a total lunar eclipse Tuesday that will turn the moon a burnt reddish orange, NASA says.

Take hands-free selfies with this 'magic mirror'

04/11/2014 10:31am
Called the "The Self Enhancing Life Feed Image Engine," this S.E.L.F.I.E. mirror will snap a picture of you (and your friends) and put it on Twitter for you. Selfies have never been so easy.