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11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel

04/01/2014 10:20am
Israeli authorities on Monday unveiled 11 ancient burial boxes dating to around the time of Jesus, recovered by police during a midnight raid on antiquities dealers suspected of stealing the artifacts.

Giant six-legged robot crab to walk the ocean floor

04/01/2014 10:23am
Monsters of the deep will have a man-made horror to contend with, as the Crabster CR200 is released into the oceans. Weighing over half a ton, the six-legged, crustacean-inspired robot is intended for the most dangerous undersea exploration.

Ebola toll rises in 'unprecedented' outbreak

04/01/2014 10:47am
An outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in west Africa has spread to Guinea's capital and beyond its borders in an "an unprecedented epidemic," a leading aid agency reported Monday.

'Wearable KSL' device to be sold in 2015

04/01/2014 12:50pm
Similar to Google Glass, Wearable KSL is a portable computer that can be worn as a monocle.

Alta High students win app competition

04/01/2014 8:48pm
Three Alta High School seniors may be on their way to making big bucks by breaking the monotony of the average teenage life. Bryan Luu, Matt Blake and Zach Gundry were the top prize winners Tuesday at the second annual Kick-App Competition.