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'Flappy Bird' will fly back to app stores

03/20/2014 10:51am
Let the flapless among us take heart. "Flappy Bird," the now defunct mobile sensation, will one day rise like a phoenix and fling itself awkwardly into an app store near you.

Smart tag changes color to tell when food goes bad

03/20/2014 11:45am
Those doubtful of the validity of expiration dates may soon have an alternative to smelling their food to determine if it is still edible or not.

Kids who don't cry: New genetic disorder discovered

03/20/2014 3:03pm
What do you do when your baby lies limp in your arms, staring blankly into the distance while never crying? What do you do when tests show signs of liver damage and your baby's seizures won't stop, but doctors can't tell you what's wrong or how to fix it?

Rails Girls SLC teaches women to code

03/20/2014 8:07pm
The home of one of the oldest women's clubs in the United States will host a code conference for women Friday. Rails Girls SLC is a nonprofit conference aimed to give women tools for creating technology.