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New BYU website helps teens grow up safe and smart online

03/19/2014 7:28am
It's estimated that 95 percent of teens are online, but more than half give no thought to the consequences of what they do there. Now a group of BYU graduate students hopes to educate youth about being safe on the Internet.

Shift workers beware: Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says

03/19/2014 9:28am
Are you a shift worker planning to catch up on some sleep this weekend? Cramming in extra hours of shut-eye may not make up for those lost pulling all-nighters, new research indicates.

New app may make walking with headphones safer

03/19/2014 11:45am
Deaths and injuries of pedestrians wearing headphones have increased threefold since 2004. Before you give up on the headphones, however, consider the new app from One Llama Labs designed to listen for danger sounds and alert you.

Half of Americans believe health conspiracy theories, study says

03/19/2014 2:30pm
Nearly half of adults in America believed at least one medical conspiracy theory, which ranged from vaccinations causing autism to the CIA infecting African-Americans with HIV.

Advanced security systems allow peace of mind 'on the go'

03/19/2014 7:56pm
We've all had those moments: we're on our way to work or even on vacation and wondered if we locked the back door or forgot to turn off the lights. Home security systems are getting more sophisticated, and can now help give some extra peace of mind.