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Pacific Islander moms in Utah delivering healthier babies

10/31/2013 10:32am
Pacific Islander moms in Utah have made strides in delivering healthy babies, as the infant mortality rates decreased by almost half.

BYU students design 'anchored' bike lock

10/31/2013 11:54am
A group of BYU students have invented a new bike lock and say the product could forever alter the way people secure their bikes.

Texting can decrease relationship quality, BYU study says

10/31/2013 5:35pm
A BYU new study shows men use texting to distance themselves while women use it to connect.

GermWatch App saves time, money at the doctor's office

10/31/2013 10:41pm
Doctors have a new tool at their fingertips to help you get a faster and more accurate diagnosis the next time you or your family is sick.

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