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Scientists discover ancient supervolcanoes on Mars

10/04/2013 8:53am
Scientists have discovered ancient supervolcanoes on Mars similar to the caldera that sits under Yellowstone National Park.

Study: Most twins can be born without a C-section

10/04/2013 9:23am
Expecting twins? You probably don't need to schedule a cesarean section. Most moms can safely give birth without surgery, a big study finds.

60 possible new species found in Suriname forest

10/04/2013 10:14am
Braving perilous river rapids in Suriname's rainforest, international scientists found six frogs and 11 fish that are among 60 creatures that may be new species, a tropical ecologist with a U.S.-based conservation group said Thursday.

Presumed Siri voice-actor shows face behind the app

10/04/2013 3:59pm
When Susan Bennet recorded a series of software scripts in 2005, she had no idea her voice would one day become recognized around the world.