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6 texting fails you don't want to repeat

05/22/2013 11:11am
Everyone sends a text to the wrong person sometime in their life. But not every erroneous text will land you in jail, or turn the mockery of the Internet squarely upon you.

Victorians were 'substantially' smarter than us, study says

05/22/2013 11:55am
The Victorians may have been much more clever than us for a number of reasons, according to a new study, but at least we are still smart enough to figure out precisely how much more intelligent they were. Down to the millisecond, as it were.

Intermountain to track radiation due to medical exams

05/22/2013 6:00pm
Intermountain Healthcare launched a new system that tracks cumulative radiation exposure from medical exams.

Digital time capsule to preserve momentos, memes

05/22/2013 6:25pm
What would you put in a digital time capsule to be opened in five years?