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Study: Shakespeare was a tax-evading hoarder

04/03/2013 7:23am
William Shakespeare: poet, playwright, and now ruthless businessman and food hoarder, according to a new study.

Teen developer releases sequel to popular 'Bubble Ball'; game

04/03/2013 9:58am
A Utah County teenager who got international attention for creating a popular game app has released a sequel to "Bubble Ball."

Most-viewed FBI file is about UFOs and aliens

04/03/2013 10:09am
The FBI has investigated some pretty wacky stuff from time to time, from incredible claims about UFOs to extra-sensory perception. The agency's most read document is about three flying saucers that supposedly crashed in New Mexico.

How to spring clean your computer

04/03/2013 11:37am
It's that time of year again. Time to get out the 409, Windex and a good pair of rubber gloves. But spring cleaning should extend to your gadgets, too. Follow these steps to get your computer, tablet and cellphone running in tip-top shape.

Utah students with ADHD need more help, experts say

04/03/2013 11:02pm
According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week, one out of every five boys will be diagnosed with ADHD. Utah experts say the numbers show that more needs to be done to help these students.