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Tales from the ER: Dealing with the tragedy of death

03/18/2013 9:33am
There is no doubt that we can save lives in the ER, but many times, even after all we try, we cannot save the life of an individual, and this can weigh heavy on our emotions. Many times it's hard to deal with the tragic deaths of the young.

World's most powerful telescope being built in Utah

03/18/2013 11:46am
The Hubble telescope has been responsible for some of the most dramatic and downright incredible photographs taken of our universe, aside from pushing astronomical science forward. But the time for a successor to the venerable Hubble has come and a critical part of it is being built in Utah.

FDA needs to increase teen tanning restrictions, experts say

03/18/2013 8:29pm
The sun splurge you get from a tanning bed significantly increases your risk of developing skin cancer, and that risk goes up the earlier you start. A new study has experts calling on states and the FDA to beef up tanning bed restrictions, before teenage melanoma cases skyrocket.

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