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3-D printer, living cells used to make ear implants

02/21/2013 11:49am
Using a 3-D printer and living cells, scientists have invented a plausible way to regrow missing or deformed ears.

Mowing the lawn can make you happier, and 4 other psychological oddities

02/21/2013 8:08pm
Happiness isn't all about sunshine and roses. It turns out there are a number of surprising things that science has proven will actually make you happier.

Game time: How much is too much?

02/21/2013 11:47pm
Parents across Utah fear their kids are hooked, and their drug of choice is video games. But how far is too far, and what is considered "normal" gaming time? Those answers and a few suggestions on how parents can stop the obsession ecompass this KSL IN report.

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