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5 ways your smartphone can make your life easier

01/23/2013 10:33am
We use our smartphones to make calls, send text messages, check our social networks and play games. But your phone can do so much more. With these five time-saving tips your smartphone can help make your life easier.

Merging black holes could have radiated Earth during Middle Ages

01/23/2013 11:44am
Radiation found in tree rings may have been the result of two merging black holes during the Middle Ages, a new study says.

Research chimps may be headed from lab to leisure

01/23/2013 12:17pm
Chimpanzees who have spent their lives in U.S. research labs being prodded, poked and tested may be headed for retirement in a leafy sanctuary where they can climb trees, socialize at will, play with toys and even listen to music.

Most are terrible multitaskers but believe the opposite, U. study says

01/23/2013 10:26pm
Sending an e-mail while in a meeting. Talking on the phone in the car. Multitasking seems like the norm these days. But a new study from the University of Utah says, literally, hold the phone.