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Science proves Santa could totally deliver all those presents, so start believing

12/18/2012 9:13am
There are roughly 2 billion children in this world, many of them naughty and many nice. And given the season, the nice ones ought to be getting present on Dec. 25. At least, if you believe in Santa. Like you should. Because of science.

Pieced-together skull may prove Mona Lisa's identity

12/18/2012 10:39am
Researchers are hoping skull fragments of the woman thought to be the "Mona Lisa" model will provide definitive proof of whether the woman was actually Leonardo da Vinci's muse.

Breast cancer treatment different for younger, older women

12/18/2012 11:05am
Breast cancer in women under 35 is rare, but it is devastating and often more aggressive than cancers in older women. So doctors have been searching for some time to find a way to treat those young women who have the disease.

Secret code from D-Day pigeon cracked

12/18/2012 12:42pm
A coded message discovered with the remains of a World War II carrier pigeon has been decoded.

Instagram says users' photos won't appear in ads

12/18/2012 5:37pm
Instagram, the popular mobile photo-sharing service now owned by Facebook, said Tuesday that it will remove language from its new terms of service suggesting that users' photos could appear in advertisements.