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Running just 5 minutes a day could add years to your life

08/01/2014 11:51am
Good news for those that find it almost impossible to fit in exercise: a new study found that running just 5 minutes a day decreased the mortality rate by a whopping 30 percent.

How to survive the summer heat — without spending too much

08/01/2014 12:09pm
It's hot out there. We all want to stay as comfortable as possible without emptying our bank account when the power bill comes. Here's how to maximize your comfort, minimize your temperature and keep the bills down.

What you should know for the Kimball Arts Festival

08/01/2014 1:51pm
The Kimball Arts Festival hits Park City this weekend and provides various events and activities.

9 most unhealthy restaurant meals in America

08/01/2014 7:28pm
Restaurants around the country are making it almost impossible to live by the mantra "moderation in all things." The Xtreme Eating Awards for 2014 are in and you can blow a day's or week's worth of calories by ordering a single entrée.