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6 food trucks to try in Utah County

07/31/2014 2:18pm
The food truck scene is alive and well in Utah County with a large gathering every Thursday evening. If you are looking for new food options or if you like the idea of having a portable meal rolling around close by, here are six food trucks you should try.

Orem-based shoe company showcased in the Wall Street Journal

07/31/2014 7:31pm
The Wall Street Journal places an Orem-based running shoe company among other hitters like Nike, Adidas and Saucony, citing it as an innovative company merging two extremes in running shoes.

Epidurals during childbirth linked with lower rates of PPD

07/31/2014 8:28pm
Women who control their pain during childbirth with an epidural may be able to reduce their risk of postpartum depression, a new study says.