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5 gadgets to help your garden grow better than ever

07/10/2014 2:00pm
A variety of new gadgets and apps were designed to help your garden reach its full potential.

17-year-old lands modeling gig after World Cup picture goes viral

07/10/2014 2:28pm
While Belgium may not have won the World Cup, one of its fans landed a modeling shoot with L'Oreal after a picture of her at the game went viral.

Woman explores global standards of beauty through Photoshop

07/10/2014 7:28pm
In a project she calls "Before and After," journalist Esther Honig sent a photo of herself to Photoshop experts in more than 25 countries, telling them simply: "make me beautiful."

Older and wiser — and prettier too?

07/10/2014 9:43pm
A new study found that older Americans are more confident with the way they look.