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Depression a 'powerful' risk factor for heart disease in young women

06/19/2014 11:33am
Young women are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or die of heart disease if they suffer from depression, a new study suggests.

Is bedtime procrastination ruining your health? New research says yes

06/19/2014 12:12pm
Scientists are finally studying why people stay up so late watching TV or perusing Facebook instead of going to bed. This phenomenon is dubbed "bedtime procrastination" and can be harmful to your health.

Martha Stewart comes to Utah

06/19/2014 5:30pm
Arts and crafts guru Martha Stewart will be in Salt Lake Thursday evening.

Are small traumas affecting your success?

06/19/2014 7:32pm
Small traumas are seemingly insignificant events that result in a negative belief that can plague us throughout our lives. Learn how to identify your small traumas and repair the negative beliefs that they produce.