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Utah 'most agreeable' and 'least neurotic' state, new study shows

10/25/2013 6:40am
A recent study published by Time puts Utah as "the most agreeable state in the country". It also ranks the Beehive State as the "least neurotic".

Senior with Down syndrome scores touchdown in last home game

10/25/2013 8:39am
A high school waterboy with Down syndrome made a touchdown with 1.2 seconds left in a game where he served as honorary captain.

Wallet lost at high school reunion arrives in mail

10/25/2013 1:30pm
A local woman who lost her wallet at a school reunion had it returned by mail.

Man creates giant paper 'Iron Man' Suit

10/25/2013 7:04pm
A local man known for his elaborate paper costumes is taking it to the next level with a costume from "Iron Man 3" over 7 feet tall.

Woman reunited with first car for 100th birthday present

10/25/2013 8:31pm
It's been over 50 years since Helen Wall drove her beloved first car — a 1941 Ford Super Deluxe convertible. For her up and coming 100th birthday, family and friends arranged for her to take a literal trip down memory lane.

Utah’s most famous angler still catching lunkers after 60 years

10/25/2013 9:04pm
Ray Johnson holds more Utah fishing records than any other angler using a lure he invented when he was nine years old — and gained national fame while living as a hermit in a cave near Flaming Gorge Reservoir.