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How to solve people problems

10/14/2013 6:15am
Coach Kim gives some unique ideas for finding creative solutions to people-based problems.

Medical emergency motivates couple to lose 538 pounds

10/14/2013 9:55am
At work one day, IT consultant Justin Shelton suddenly began to feel ill. A few hours later, he was in the emergency room, and doctors told him he might have a kidney infection.

4 reasons to visit Disneyland during the holidays

10/14/2013 11:56am
Not that any of us need an excuse to visit Disneyland at any time of the year, but fall in the park is an especially exciting time to be around.

'Happy, imaginative' girl born without ear hopes for prosthetic

10/14/2013 12:22pm
Family and friends of a girl born without an ear are raising money so she can go to Virginia for a prosthetic ear that is waiting for her.

With support of husband, woman is determined to walk again

10/14/2013 5:54pm
Every day since an accident that left her paralyzed, Natalie Dartez rejoices in the little things. On Sept. 22, her sandrail went over a steep dune and crashed into a mound of stone, leaving Natalie paralyzed from the chest down.

Utah boy paraglides, wheelchair and all

10/14/2013 6:20pm
Super Fly Paragliding has helped hundreds of people take to the skies, but very few have done so in a wheelchair.