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Children step forward to support Red Fred Project

10/09/2013 3:35pm
Nathan Glad was sitting on the plaid couch in his home, surrounded by his siblings when he received a copy of the book he wrote. On its pages are experiences, expressions and dreams through the eyes of a little boy with a critical illness.

When to breathe new life into a dream — and when to let it die

10/09/2013 8:12pm
We spend our lives dreaming big, and sometimes those dreams just don't pan out. If you're faced with a wilted dream, here are some tips help you to know when to courageously press forward and when to let go.

9 easy, cheap DIY Halloween decorations

10/09/2013 8:31pm
If you want to decorate for Halloween, but don't want to spend a lot of money, then these easy DIY decorations that require few instructions and even fewer materials may be the way to show your scary side.