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Orem magician turns $1 into $100 for the homeless

06/14/2013 3:09pm
An Orem man's magic trick has turned $1 into $100 for 10 panhandlers in Utah County.

Summer fun brings risk of watery infection

06/14/2013 5:08pm
There are few better things in the world than a cool swim on a hot day, a short hike up a river trail, or a backyard barbecue. These summer activities get you outside and having some fun, but they come with some microscopic risks — like cryptosporidium.

Sick husband serenades wife with love song from hospital bed

06/14/2013 8:29pm
After being hospitalized for bladder cancer and hip surgery from a bad fall, an Orem man was afraid his time on Earth was short and wanted to let his wife of 66 years know that he loved her. Their sweet moment was caught on camera and the video has gone viral.

Man learns about father's WWII service through gifted letters

06/14/2013 9:25pm
"Don't worry about me mother. And write often," Sgt. Delbert Steele wrote to his mother through Western Union April 29, 1944.