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Ghost Towns: a Nevada photo gallery

04/24/2013 10:59am
Fascinating ghost towns are scattered throughout the state of Nevada. Many are well-known, while some of the best gems are unknown to all but the most dedicated adventurers. This gallery features photos from some of the Silver State's finest.

7 sprinkler tips to save water and avoid catastrophe this spring

04/24/2013 11:44am
April usually means two things: taxes and sprinkler system start-ups. We can't help with your taxes, but sprinkler system problems can be worse than an IRS audit. Learn how to save water and avoid basement flooding.

4-limb amputee boy inspires marathon fundraiser

04/24/2013 11:58am
A brother of an amputee is offering support and empathy to the victims of the Boston Marathon attacks by fundraising money for prostheses.