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No way, feng shui: Having 'stuff' is better

03/29/2013 8:12pm
Prodigal Dad is trying to live with less through downsizing. In other words, he needs to get rid of some stuff to make room so his kids can move back in. But is feng shui the way to go about it? Nope.

Killer salt shaker: Sodium overload to blame for over 2M deaths

03/29/2013 8:31pm
How much salt is in your diet? It may be a necessity for your scrambled eggs but some new studies say that over 2.3 million people worldwide died from cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths in 2010 from eating too much salt.

Friends work to complete 13-year-old's bucket list

03/29/2013 10:56pm
Funeral services were held Friday for a 13-year-old girl who died unexpectedly in her Kaysville home Monday morning from unknown causes. When her best friend heard the bad news, she decided to honor the teen by working to complete her bucket list.