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Remember when we called it the 'service' station

03/17/2013 12:00pm
Today's fast food, in a hurry, need it now culture has given us much, but it has also taken things away. Do you remember the "service" station?

Who says you can't teach an old mom new tricks?

03/17/2013 3:44pm
Some bad advice in fourth grade led me to believe I could never learn to ski as an adult. Some good advice changed my way of thinking. Turns out, the only one holding me back was me.

Davis women raise $16K for Amber Alert program

03/17/2013 4:46pm
A group of women gathered Thursday in a sunny room at the Oakridge Country Club for a luncheon to celebrate their best year of fundraising yet.

Opinion: School safety is about more than just guns

03/17/2013 6:49pm
The preoccupation with violent injuries and deaths at school distracts from the danger of injuries caused by other school activities.