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Taylor Swift surprises young cancer patient with visit

03/15/2013 7:53am
Taylor Swift made a young cancer patient's dream come true Saturday when she visited the girl at the hospital after a social media campaign caught her attention.

Friends learn they're related through Facebook post

03/15/2013 9:16am
When Abbey Donohoe and Paula O'Brien met four years ago, they instantly clicked. People mentioned they looked alike. They joked they were sisters. Come to find out, it's not far from the mark.

Bunny returned to toddler thanks to Instagram

03/15/2013 3:07pm
Strangers united recently to find and return a young boy's most prized possession: a soft brown bunny he lost on a side street in Los Angeles.

Man's celebrity Twitter friends show support in wake of wife's illness

03/15/2013 8:32pm
Online friendships can seem like the most impersonal way to connect with someone, but one Iowa man found support from his friends behind the computer screen after his wife's brain injury.