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Animated poem shows life-long effects of bullying

02/22/2013 10:14am
Shane Koyczan grew up being called pork chop at school. The nickname stemmed from his innocent confusion over the meaning of pork chop and karate chop, but it caused years of pain for him.

Pittsburgh shoeshiner donates $200K to children's hospital

02/22/2013 11:20am
Albert Lexie has been shining shoes since 1957, and since 1982, he has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in tips to a children's hospital.

Woman credits 2 strokes for helping her find love

02/22/2013 8:49pm
A 28-year-old Scottish woman beat one-in-a-billion odds by surviving two strokes in a two-year period. She credits the medical emergencies for helping her find the love of her life.

Baby born addicted to drugs fully recovers thanks to doctors, adoptive family

02/22/2013 10:26pm
Five months ago, Enoch was born addicted to cocaine, heroine and prescription drugs. Doctors expected him to have long-term complications, including brain damage and learning disabilities and they were worried for his future.