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Drones used for some unusual and amazing tasks

09/27/2013 7:48am
Recent headlines highlighted some amazing and odd uses for unmanned aerial systems. Just this week the U.S. Air Force managed to fly an F-16 Falcon fighter jet unmanned, essentially turning the sophisticated warplane into a drone.

Scientists create lightsaber matter by surprise

09/27/2013 11:34am
A team of scientists from MIT and Harvard have found a way to bind light together, making a state of matter similar to a lightsaber possible.

Phobias may be cured, treated with sleep, study says

09/27/2013 3:00pm
A new study suggests that fears can be cured while sleeping.

After backlash from neighbors, town pitches in to build vet a house

09/27/2013 8:28pm
When U.S. Army Sgt. Brian Wood returned from Afghanistan, he was honored with an amazing surprise — Habitat for Humanity had offered to help his family build their first house. But things quickly got ugly when neighbors started a petition to stop the construction because they feared it would not fit in with the rest of the community.

If it really takes a village, how can we create one?

09/27/2013 9:17pm
I recently found myself at a party with all the influential adults from my childhood. It hit me, unexpectedly hard, that I was raised by a village full of wise elders who loved and cared for me.

First female Olympic ski jump hopefuls hone skills in Ogden

09/27/2013 10:26pm
An Ogden business owner is using his obsession with speed to help some Olympic hopefuls improve their technique.