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Quit living with regrets about your past

07/29/2013 6:15am
This week in LIFEadvice: Coach Kim addresses the regrets we have about past mistakes. She gives ideas for changing the way we look at our past and using what we have learned to change our future.

Utah: The fastest internet in the West

07/29/2013 11:17am
Utah has the fastest average Internet connection speed in the West, according to the "First Quarter, 2013 State of the Internet Report," released recently by Akamai Technologies.

2013 summer outdoor gear guide

07/29/2013 11:24am
From backpacks to a UV water bottle, these field-tested products may be a perfect addition to your outdoor gear collection.

5 reasons to visit the Hill Aerospace Museum

07/29/2013 11:33am
The Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy, Utah, is a fun, free activity for families and history buffs.

How to be a good dad written by a mom

07/29/2013 7:32pm
Men often complain about how hard it is to make their wives happy. Understandably so! Women are confusing and hard to read. It becomes even more complicated when husbands become dads. Here are a few surefire ways to make your wife happy.

Can anesthesia replace shock therapy as depression treatment?

07/29/2013 8:48pm
A study done by University of Utah doctors may mean a new anti-depression treatment patients other than shock therapy.