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LDS missionary dress code gets update

07/12/2013 11:42am
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has updated a website of guidelines for how missionaries should dress. Clothing that has been acceptable in many missions for some time has now been standardized.

Cat parasite could be serious public health problem, review says

07/12/2013 4:13pm
A new review says that a cat parasite that has been implicated in several human mental and physical disorders could be a much bigger problem than previously thought.

The mouse in my house: My battle with 'Chewy'

07/12/2013 8:32pm
Chewy, the mouse, is attracted to the Lemonheads I keep on my dresser. It could also be the teriyaki beef jerky or midnight éclair crumbs on the carpet. It's not his fault, but still, he has to go.