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Bizarre spiral-toothed shark not actually a shark

02/28/2013 8:29am
An extinct fish with a spiral tooth structure rolled its lower jaw and sliced its food with razor-sharp teeth like a saw, researchers say.

BYU project rewards kids for eating fruits and veggies

02/28/2013 8:56am
While new federal guidelines require schools to serve more fruits and vegetables, BYU researchers are studying ways to keep healthy foods from ending up in the garbage.

Teen lands job after miles of trek through snow and ice

02/28/2013 10:07am
A teen's determination and humility led to a better job and a second chance.

Apple rumors: Smarter smartphones and a new iPad Mini

02/28/2013 11:13am
A hedge fund manager tweeted a stock-split rumor that has come under scrutiny after selling during a price jump, Apple case manufacturer MiniSuit betting next product on rumored iPad dimensions to beat the competition, and Apple expanding in India.

How pursuing your own dreams can help your children

02/28/2013 7:43pm
Dreams we had before we became mothers don't die, they are still a part of who we are. When you follow a dream you are a great example for your children of goal setting and hard work.

How 100 calories can make a huge difference

02/28/2013 8:38pm
Calorie counting has its proponents and detractors, but most experts agree that whether you aggressively count calories or not, the amount you consume matters — so much so, that even seemingly trivial amounts can make a big difference.

Benedict becomes 1st pope in 600 years to resign

02/28/2013 10:17pm
Benedict XVI left the Catholic Church in unprecedented limbo Thursday as he became the first pope in 600 years to resign, capping a tearful day of farewells that included an extraordinary pledge of obedience to his successor.

Bullying more taboo, but more hurtful, than ever before

02/28/2013 11:55pm
Over the past few years, there has been a heightened awareness of bullying and its negative effects. But bullying reaches deeper now than ever before.