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Apple rumors: Bigger iPhone 6 this summer, iTV out this fall

02/14/2013 10:51am
Apple sees the future in smartwatches, iTV Apps, and wearable computers.

BYU students make the teensiest Valentine Cupid ever

02/14/2013 11:20am
My love for you is as tiny as the tiniest carbon nanotube.

Fewer marrying, but most wedding for love

02/14/2013 11:51am
Though they aren't rushing to the altar, Americans are romantics.

6-year-old's dream movie made by filmmaker

02/14/2013 11:57am
When you ask a 6-year-old to create the plot for your next movie, you never know what you're going to get.

Teen's cookies help family pay for sports, college

02/14/2013 3:51pm
Paying her way through high school activities by baking and selling cookies, Miranda Hyer is continuing what has become a tradition as she navigates through her first year of college.

Find beauty in your post-baby body: 5 tips for falling in love with the new you

02/14/2013 7:41pm
As mothers, we deal regularly in the business of love. So why is it so difficult to accept that extra flab and learn to love ourselves?

5 incredibly romantic getaways

02/14/2013 8:40pm
While Valentine's Day is arguably more a of "greeting card holiday" than a genuine opportunity for romance, lovers looking for an intimate escape can find their ideal destination in exotic locations across the globe.

S. Jordan family finally whole after daughter arrives from Russia

02/14/2013 11:23pm
A South Jordan family's adoption of a daughter from Russia had been on hold for a couple of months because of red tape. They finally gained clearance, and Thursday their plane touched down at Salt Lake International Airport.