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'Anorexia of the soul' suffered by more teen girls

02/13/2013 12:07am
During a stage of life frequently portrayed in movies and other media as carefree and exhilarating, many teens are consumed by a dangerous disorder.

USDA proposal targets school snacks

02/13/2013 8:15am
Federal rules have taken aim at implementing more healthy food choices in America's schools, first with school lunches and now school snacks.

What's next for Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church?

02/13/2013 8:53am
The papal ring will be destroyed, along with other powerful emblems of authority, just as they are after a pope's death. The retiring Pope Benedict XVI will live in a monastery on the edge of the Vatican gardens and will likely even give up his beloved theological writing.

5 ways to save money using your smartphone

02/13/2013 9:33am
Put that expensive smartphone in your hand to work. With minimal efforts you will be able to save at least a little money. Your wallet will thank you.

4 ways to open up communication with your partner

02/13/2013 11:59am
The ability to argue well could increase the chance of happiness in your relationship by tenfold, a new study says.

Scientists learn to turn off sensation of cold

02/13/2013 12:18pm
That moment when an icy beverage hits your lips, or the feeling of a blast of air conditioning. How about the first 30 seconds you spend in a pool?

Life lessons in potty training

02/13/2013 7:30pm
Potty training is one thing I wish a mother could outsource. I don’t plan it, I procrastinate it. So when my twins decided this was the week to ditch the diapers, I had some lessons of my own to learn.

Tips for coping with trials, grief

02/13/2013 8:35pm
Facing trials, loss and grief are part of our experience at some point in life. The pain can be unbearable for the one feeling it and for those who love them. Through my own experiences I share ways we can move forward and find peace.

Deployed soldier coaches wife through delivery via Skype

02/13/2013 10:15pm
Everett's parents never planned for this — a baby born while his father, Paul, an engineer in the Army Reserves, was serving overseas.