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Brigham City settles lawsuit over free speech zones near temple

02/12/2013 9:57am
Brigham City paid the ACLU $11,000 to cover legal fees accumulated during a dispute over free speech zones that erupted at the LDS temple open house last year.

Dozens of ancient pyramids found at single site in Sudan

02/12/2013 10:18am
Dozens of pyramids discovered at a site in northern Sudan show links between the Kingdom of Kush that once thrived there and ancient Egypt.

Learn to speak your child's love language

02/12/2013 10:49am
After trying my best to show each of my children I loved them by giving them of my time, I realized that this wasn't the way they all felt loved. Then I read "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman, and the light came on.

Future explosive hotspot brewing under Samoan islands

02/12/2013 11:06am
The Samoan islands are lush and tropical, a place where one can relax and feel the pacific breeze. Travel 1800 miles down below the surface of the islands, though, and there's trouble brewing of explosive proportions.

5 bad movies that happened to good actors

02/12/2013 2:59pm
Good actors usually have a solid resume of fine films, but all to often a bad movie slips in with the rest. Here is a list of five good actors who appeared in five bad movies.

What Mitt Romney taught me about being a successful mother

02/12/2013 7:29pm
What happens when two different people work hard and do good, but one person is considered "successful" and the other not? I learned a surprising key to what determines my life success from a convocation speech by Mitt Romney.

Top 5 bridal hair trends for 2013

02/12/2013 8:32pm
The new year is in full swing, and so are wedding plans for thousands of excited couples across Utah. Here is a professional stylist's top five must-have hairstyle predictions for brides in 2013.

Orem teen inspires thousands in blogging about cancer fight

02/12/2013 11:59pm
Being a teenager comes with a specific set of challenges: fitting in, peer pressure, even convincing parents you know more than them. But a 17-year-old by the name of Rachel Stratton has one that trumps a lot of other problems out there, and she's not letting it stop her.