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Next powerful medicine may be buried under the sea

02/07/2013 8:29am
Some of the most powerful medicines have come from very unexpected places, anywhere from rainforest plants to molds and fungi. Where will the next big medicine be located? Some scientists say, under the sea.

Photos show new LDS temple in Honduras; open house to begin

02/07/2013 10:03am
An open house begins this weekend at the recently constructed Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple. Photos show the exterior includes granite from China and art-glass windows.

Before the universe ends, these 21 things will happen

02/07/2013 11:46am
Some things in our universe follow such precise laws of behavior that scientists, knowing how they behave, can make certain predictions of the future.

Sex ed bill aims to help parents with 'the talk'

02/07/2013 11:56am
Following the controversial sex education bill in last year's legislative session, which would have instructed schools to teach abstinence-only education, one Utah lawmaker is looking to change the discussion by making sex education training materials available for parents.

Kids 3 clicks away from adult content on YouTube, study says

02/07/2013 11:59am
Researchers found that videos featuring violence, guns or nudity, mature TV shows, and car crash compilations, among other types of mature content, took three clicks to view, on average. They said tech-savvy children combined with YouTube's "deliberately intuitive" design mean that without parental controls, children are at risk.

Captain Kirk calls real-life astronaut in space

02/07/2013 3:44pm
Over the phone, an astronaut in space shared his wisdom with the man who most famously portrayed Captain Kirk.

Being hit by an SUV will change your resolve on distracted driving

02/07/2013 8:25pm
The SUV hit me, launching me into the air before my body slammed back down onto the grocery store parking lot. Distracted driving. We've all seen it. Most of us have been guilty of it. At what point do we decide that it's simply time to stop?

5 things you can do right now to be happier

02/07/2013 8:44pm
Though the pursuit of happiness is a lifelong quest, it doesn't have to take you years to achieve it. Here are 5 simple things you can do right now to be happier.