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Bacteria with Midas touch turn ions to gold

02/05/2013 8:45am
A bacterium that turns ions into gold nanoparticles could be used as a tool for gold extraction, according to a recent study.

Study suggests Neanderthals died out earlier

02/05/2013 10:22am
Theories about when the last Neanderthals walked the Earth may have to be revised, according to a study that suggests they became extinct in their last refuge in Spain much earlier than previously thought.

Utah 'Biggest Loser' chef: tips for getting healthy

02/05/2013 10:37am
A chef at the 'Biggest Loser' ranch in Ivins visited Draper this week to share tips and tricks for getting — and staying — in shape.

Medical weight loss and adolescents: Camille's Story

02/05/2013 12:38pm
When Camille was in first grade, she started to gain a lot of weight. At age nine, the weight really started becoming a problem. By the time she was fourteen, she was more than 100 pounds overweight.

BYU researcher could help improve weather forecasts by studying waves

02/05/2013 4:47pm
Meteorologists take a lot of unnecessary heat when they aren't perfectly accurate. But Tuesday is National Weatherperson's Day, and one BYU professor has a gift that could help make their life a little easier.

Mother delivers baby during drive to hospital

02/05/2013 7:04pm
Nathan and Lisa Dallin's baby didn't want to wait to be born, so he decided to come into this world in his parents' car.

4 reasons to keep your child's 'birthday suit' off social media

02/05/2013 7:33pm
My babies have irresistibly adorable bums. No really, it's true - I have about a thousand Instagram-ready pictures to prove it. But in this case, you'll just have to take my word for it.

By choice, US has 'one-child policy' of its own

02/05/2013 11:59pm
A population that is disproportionately old and shrinking overall — has enormous economic, political and cultural consequences.