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West Jordan creates, releases smartphone apps to help citizens

01/26/2013 9:25am
The city has two new smartphone apps for residents to connect with city information and the police department.

How to manage and know when debt is acceptable

01/26/2013 10:03am
Debt is not the only answer, according to a recent article by Kiplinger. In fact, it should be less of an answer than the average consumer thinks.

While daughter battles cancer, family creates nonprofit for sick children

01/26/2013 2:39pm
For the last year, Aryanna Joy Rodriguez, 4, has been battling a cancerous tumor. But what the family thought was the end of a long battle, turned out not to be over.

AP Interview: CERN chief firmer on 'God particle'

01/26/2013 3:27pm
The world should know with certainty by the middle of this year whether a subatomic particle discovered by scientists is a long-sought Higgs boson, the head of the world's largest atom smasher said Saturday.

Sundance International Filmmaker award announced

01/26/2013 4:02pm
The Sundance Institute announced the 2013 Sundance/NHK International Filmmaker award in a private ceremony on Saturday.

Special needs boy named homecoming king in Tenn. town

01/26/2013 4:28pm
It's an enviable position for many high school students, something boys often aspire to — becoming homecoming king. For three students in a small Tennessee town, it's an honor they wanted to bestow on someone very special at their school.

Mothers unite to put an end to pollution

01/26/2013 9:57pm
For one group of mothers, the inversion is personal.